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New England Apartment Communities Get WASHED!
had a fantastic 2019 cleaning hundreds of homes throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The company also said in a statement that it found itself cleaning apartment communities throughout the states becoming recognized as an industry leading for cleaning “big communities” in tight settings 

Some of the properties cleaned ranged from 200-500 residential units per site. When asked about the biggest challenge to completing such large scale projects the companies Owner/Founder Timothy Cox said, 

“That it’s all about working around the residents and closely with management!  When that happens and goes smooth it’s the start of a great relationship!”

The company found itself emerging as a leader within the New England apartment community.  PW also cleans shopping centers and malls with over 2 million square feet of flat work and buildings cleaned in 2019 alone! It’s safe to say no matter how small or big your project may be that and its TEAM will get the job done!   

For more details and to get on the 2020 schedule call (1-800-339-2970) or visit them online!

The company also just opened its first Florida location in FORT MYERS, FL. The primary focus of this location will be shopping centers and apartment communities! Something PW is very familiar with.


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For the second year in a row has made sure to let the veteran community know how grateful they are for the service and sacrifice each current and former veteran has made. 

On Saturday November 9, 2019 and its team went around the Massachusetts area cleaning veteran memorials at no charge. The companies owner and founder Timothy Cox who is also a veteran of the U.S NAVY said “we can never say or show how thankful we as a community to every veteran for their sacrifice they made to our country.” Cox also went on to say “early 2020 the company plans to roll out nationwide locations with huge incentives for veterans. The goal is to put veterans in business for themselves while providing a service that we have identified as a company there is a need for.”  

Its safe to say 2020 is going to be a year to watch!

For more details on starting your own PW location check out the JOIN OUR NETWORK page on the company website.

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PW Leases Their First Territory!

PW, the industries fastest growing two brands and have just finalized there first membership location! This particular location is close to their current home operation says Timothy Cox, the companies owner and founder.

The best part about this is that we are located close to our first network member and that allows us to really make sure they are 100% successful says Cox. The territory involved is the following Newburyport, MA – Newbury, MA – West Newbury, MA – Groveland, MA. This is an area that consists of a mix with residential and commercial properties, with a large opportunity for pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing.

PW has plans for a nationwide roll out in 2020 with 10-15 territories already under agreement for the upcoming year!  When asked what makes this such a unique opportunity company owner and founder Timothy Cox said the following:

“Its a very low risk high return opportunity to be part of a much larger scale business. Each territory member leases their own area and all leads go directly to them! We assist in building out the proper van/equipment set up and from there it’s a matter of them marketing and promoting the brand locally in there area. On top of that we are currently in talks with national retailers and property managers to provide state to state washing on their properties. That itself can pay off big for network members! Another big factor is the ability to call in a member from the next town over when the project requires more muscle and teamwork! Allowing that small business and its owner to complete large projects, without the overhead of being large between those sizable projects. Kind of like the “military” together the brand individuals will form one unit! One team operating the same mission to provide a service within the industry that people are proud to do business with and can enjoy a relationship for many years to come.”

For more details on joining the PW business network visit them online today or contact owner and founder Timothy Cox directly at Cell: 786-291-1176

Giving Back to the Veterans Who Gave

2020 is shaping up to be a year of fast paced growth for and with that said the company will be offering huge incentives for VETERANS! For more details into that contact Timothy cox directly.

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New England’s Commercial Washing Company

number one source for commercial cleaningPW located in North Andover, MA, 01810 is New England’s number one source for commercial cleaning! They offer hot water washing, gum removal, sidewalk cleaning, building washing and much more.

They deal with property managers and owners around New England and southern NH, completing some of the most detailed and difficult projects. You really can’t miss them when on site, from the bright green and orange logos to the safety vest and job signs!

Everyone is using PW for a reason. Check them out online and upload pictures to get pricing and schedule your project. and, two of the industries leading brands under one roof!

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Pressure and Power Washing – The Fastest Growing Company

Pressure and Power Washing – The Fastest Growing Companypressure and power washing

It’s official! PW the fastest growing pressure and power washing company has rolled out there new logo! And its looking awesome! PW is located in North Andover, MA 01845.

Commercial-Residential Pressure and Power Washing

They offer commercial and residential exterior cleaning and use some of the most advanced equipment, doing business with some of the most recognizable brands in the industry from CVS, McDonalds, Chipotle, Marshall’s and many others.  There job is too keep the stores looking fresh! From sidewalks to signs and building store fronts they really get it done!

Keep an eye out for PW to be pressure and power washing in your neighborhood! If you need an estimate and want to get on their schedule check them out at  or!

Upload pictures and get your estimate today!